With a name like Bruce Roy you could be forgiven for assuming a Scottish heritage. You are partly right. My father came from Larne, Northern Ireland, and it is assumed that somewhere in the past story of Ulster and the Roys, they migrated there from Scotland - but that link is yet to be found.

I was born and grew up in Cairns, North Queensland. That's my home in the 1940's at 102 Cairns Street, North Cairns - still standing today though now elevated even further and built in to create a two story house.

Boarded for three years (1956-1958) at Thornburgh College, Charters Towers, after my mother died (1951) and my grandmother was no longer able to care for me and my brother and sister in their house at West Cairns. While at boarding school my father married Rose Thorburn (née Bogiatzis) and built at Bungalow in Cairns.

Next stop: Brisbane: I graduated from the University of Queensland (BA in Philosophy - 1962) and the Presbyterian Theological Hall, and in December 1964 was ordained and inducted into the Maranoa parish at Roma (Queensland - though mail did occasionally arrive via Italy!). I had married Lyn Green just before being ordained and our three children were all born in Roma. I moved to Maryborough North parish for 18 months before accepting an appointment as an Army Chaplain.

I then spent most of my time in ministry as an Army Chaplain. A surprise, really, because I had never seen myself as a military chaplain in spite of being a Cadet Under Officer in the school cadet unit. Following two years in the Army Reserve - it was called the Citizens Military Forces (CMF) then - I served in the Australian Regular Army (ARA) in

  • Townsville QLD (2 RAR),
  • South Viet Nam (2 RAR/NZ),
  • Puckapunyal VIC (Service Corps Centre that became Transport Centre - a training establishment, then HQ Puckapunyal Area),
  • Kapooka NSW (Recruit Training Battalion),
  • Brisbane QLD (HQ 1 Division [Senior Chaplain] and
    1 Military Hospital),
  • Sydney NSW - Randwick Barracks,
    Victoria Barracks [Staff Chaplain] and
    Training Command [Senior Chaplain] at Georges Heights

I then transferred to the Army Reserve to become Principal Chaplain (Protestant Denominations) based in Canberra (Army Office).

During my time in the Army I also undertook

  • a Bachelor of Divinity (B.D. - 1972) through the University of London
  • Clinical Pastoral Education for five years (1977-1981) part-time while in Brisbane.
  • Doctor of Ministry (DMin - 1991) through San Francisco Theological Seminary and the United Theological College in Sydney was an adjunct faculty. My dissertation was on the training of staff and senior Chaplains within the military, seeking to identify a model of ministry to an institution and not just to the individuals within it.

From 1996 to 2002, I undertook mainly half-time ministries (in view of my other commitment as Principal Chaplain) and mainly Intentional Interim Ministries around Sydney - Coxs Road North Ryde, Neutral Bay, Randwick-Maroubra, and Turramurra.

I have now lived in Sydney since 1982 - the longest I have lived in any one city. Compare with Cairns (17 years) and Brisbane (two stays of 6 and 7 years). I met Bev Cameron at our local church and we married in 1989. She was training for ministry when we met and was ordained in 1991. I have now lived in the same home since 1989 (as illustrated top of this and all pages) - the previous record was my first nine or so years of life in North Cairns. Such is Church and Army life! Mind you - I see myself as an expatriate Queenslander. But Queenslanders will understand that!

The other pages in this section will take you into my areas of interest.