Autumn Adventure

Victoria and South Australia April 2013


At last, on the morning of Monday 8th April we were on our way for 16 days of exploring parts of Victoria, South Australia and south western New South Wales.


A smooth ride to Canberra soon found us lunching in the café of the Australian Museum overlooking Lake Burley Griffin and enjoying the still, slightly overcast day. From there, we drove to the High Court, an institution I had long wished to inspect and were impressed by the massive structure.

Inside, the austere impact of smooth, high-reaching walls of concrete was softened by soft, barley-sugar coloured carpet on walkways and many significant Australian artworks on the walls. The sober-atmosphered court rooms were lined with Australian timber in tones to complement the carpets After pausing for Bruce to take photos through the glass front wall of the building, we returned to our car, noticing on the way the long, sloping stairways on either side of a stepped waterfall, all adding to the significance of this place.

  • High Court High Court
    High Court of Australia
  • No. 2 Court No. 2 Court
    No. 2 Court
  • View of interior passageway View of interior passageway
    View of interior passageway
  • View towards Parliament House View towards Parliament House
    View towards Parliament House

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Finding our way to the Centre for Christianity and Culture, we saw trees planted in 2000 by the Queen and Aboriginal woman of achievement, Lowitja O’Donohue at the opening ceremony of the Centre. There was also a reflection pool, a high cross in need of a coat of paint and a spreading labyrinth of plants, also in need of care and attention. We walked the labyrinth, arriving eventually at the centre where a 2.7 b year old stone reposed, a gift of the National Museum. Towards the edge of the garden, beds of herbs, vegetables and trees representing vegetation mentioned in scripture looked in bad need of pruning and watering. Clearly, the institution is in need of further funding . . . .

As we still had daylight available, we drove on to the Canberra Arboretum and were astonished at the vastness of the project, established to replace the terrible loss of trees during the major bushfires of 2004. Driving up a sloping road, we observed rows and rows of terraces and other geometrical layouts, all to be planted out with saplings. Passing the very modern information and other buildings, we drove on to the top of the central hill where we obtained a splendid 360 degree view of Canberra. Bruce took photos while I inspected a modern sculpture of an eagle on a high metal nest.

  • National Arboretum National Arboretum
    National Arboretum = birds nest sculpture
  • National Arboretum National Arboretum
    Moving from north...
  • National Arboretum National Arboretum
    .. to south
  • National Arboretum National Arboretum
    View towards Canberra city